Once upon a time, I worked in Retail Land.

In this land, there was a manager whom I enjoyed. Every time a customer came into the store, she would say “Welcome in.” There was just something about the way she said it that made you feel like you were entering her home, not her store.

That’s how I want you to feel here.
This is my writing home, not my blog spot.

You’re invited to sit and chat, not just read and click.

If we’re honest with ourselves, there are moments when we hear what we need, yet we do what we want.  A few years ago, I made a vow to change that. Some days, it’s practical questioning and reasoning… other days, it’s an epiphany. The one thing you can count on is that I’m going to write down my moments of Truth as I hear them.  It has made a positive imprint on my perception of the world. I encourage you to listen at the speed of life (#LATSOL) as well and keep a notebook nearby. Your future-self will thank you.

Feel free to share my posts and your own #LATSOL moments. Just use the hashtags #thewritewade or #LATSOL on social media and I’ll check it out. In the meantime, you have an open invitation to join me here with your favorite beverage in hand. Like any good visit, it can be short and sweet or long and lovely. Either way, I pray that something on this site and on the blog blesses you richly, convicts you lovingly, and inspires you deeply… just as it does for me. If you want to keep in touch,  feel free to sign up for my e-list.

Peace, Thanks for listening, and Welcome In!

-C. J. Wade

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