Booked and Busy?
I prefer Productive and Prosperous!

One thing I know – I get burned out when I’m busy, but there’s fruit in my labor when I’m productive.
I’m terrible at taking photos of my speaking engagements, but I promise to change that. In the meantime, check out different branches of my writer’s self below and my interview with Shoutout Atlanta!


∴ … I have an article published in the Hallmark Mahogany online community?

∴ … I wrote a ReckonSouth-Honey Voices article about my relationship with money?

∴ … you can read my AL.COM article on being stigmatized as a childless person?

∴ … you can listen to my Birmingham Freedom Fest spoken word piece?

∴ … I was honored as Member of the Month of See Jane Write Birmingham?

∴ … my blog post Dance Your Heart In is featured on SOLDANCEX.COM?

∴ … I was featured in the INROADS Alabama Alumni Spotlight?

For My Podcast People!

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Hosted by The Jasmine T. (journalist, blogger, sisterfriend) and me, QueensBeLike is a judgment-free zone for women of faith to be vulnerable and feel strengthened in an authentic, fun environment. COVID-19 didn’t stop this show. There’s Real Life, Real Talk, and Real Faith in the Queendom!

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I Need You Write Away

I love to write letters and I love to encourage others.

Blend them and you have my outreach avenue – I Need You Write Away (trademark pending).  For a set timeframe (usually about 4 hours), I write letters to specific demographic groups. Strangers are invited to confidentially share their person’s address to me so they can receive a letter and they can join in the writing campaign.

November 2017 & June 2018 – Strangers and friends met for one goal – to give the gift of words. I opened the offer to join me in writing letters of encouragement to deployed military service personnel and incarcerated men and women at my favorite Panera Bread location in Gardendale, Alabama. My heart was so full of goodness to kindness poured on paper.

April 2020 – The height of the pandemic created a spotlight on essential workers, so I hosted a virtual writing session and invited attendants to write with me. From funeral services professionals to firefighters, I mailed 18 letters of encouragement to individuals who worked hard to keep our communities going!

January 2023 – The Elder Edition was sentimental as we wrote to a family member or mentor that inspired us.

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I am so humbled and grateful that God uses clay like me.
If you desire to work together and for me to speak at your event, let’s talk soon!