Let me be honest with you —

I did not start this year off with jaded lenses in my glasses and 50 shades of goals to smash.

I didn’t want to be reminded that I need to be go-getter this year. Those cogs and springs are well-oiled all year long.

In January, I vowed to take one day at a time… one step in front of the other. That’s real for my bandwidth right now. That, I can handle.

Do I have goals and aspirations? Always. I’m just taking a cooler approach so I don’t get overwhelmed and burned out before those visions come to pass. That’s what’s on the blog — motivation and inspiration to keep your head- and heart-space healthy in a world of goal-overload. Deal? Deal.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

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A Few of My Favs

I always pray that you’re having a great day. If not, it just got better. 😊

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