Thank you, Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries.

Are you a baseball fan? I am. It’s a communicator’s dream to watch the nonverbal exchanges that can make or break a game. In my brief (and I do mean BRIEF) stint as a softball outfielder during childhood, I loved watching the shortstop. They were amazing at making sure that the play was followed through in a pinch.

Here’s your “shortstop” for the week:

Just be great. Everything else will fall into place. Don’t worry about the rest.

I heard these words this morning on my way to work. When we are excellent in our positions, everyone benefits. Everyone wins! When you’re an awesome financial service representative, your clients see positive outcomes. When you’re an excellent athlete, your school or sponsors receive notoriety as well. In my case, when you’re a caring educator, your students and colleagues are encouraged and empowered. For the past few weeks, I’ve gotten kind words about how I’ve helped people through my passion for education. I must admit, they made me glow. “Thank you” and “I needed that” go a long way when you spend countless hours wondering how to catapult others into their destiny.

The reward comes after the excellence.

So, as you be great, greatness follows. Don’t worry about every step or how someone feels about your shine. Just be great. Be excellent. Do your absolute best, everyday. Be tired because you poured out your best. That’s my goal. Yes, you will be misunderstood, but you won’t be misrepresented. At least they can’t say that you weren’t exceptional and authentic.

Have a great day, my friends. Peace & Thanks for listening!