What are we building when we tear each other down?

We build weak men, thirsty women, and broken children.

We build a fortress around minds that make freedom seem foreign.

We construct monuments to nothingness and superficiality, just because “you ain’t get it like me” 

We build a mentality of desperation rounded to the nearest dollar and we’ll  do anything to make it holler, no matter how seductively dirty it is.

We build toothpick houses of imaginary security, harboring our hearts as fugitives

We erect phallic glory in exchange for forever holy and wonder why our children’s spirits run wild

What do we build when we tear each other down?

We build nations of hurt people chasing something that has been within themselves all along



Reaching for the Scaffolding that protected them when they were unstable, the Foundation that secured them when they were innocent.

We build generations of jagged-edged souls too afraid to walk around and survey the damage, but wondering when it will all get better.

We build when we tear down, sabatoge, disregard, and camoflauge.

We build us.

Photo courtesy of Home Depot