Hello Sweethearts!

April has already been a full month both physically and creatively; I am so grateful for it. I missed you the last three weeks because I was a) sick and b) working. Before sharing the LATSOL lessons I heard, let me catch you up on the highlights. Don’t worry- I’ll use numbered points. Brief numbered points. *lol*

  1. I met #GlobalDanceMaker and beautiful soul Germaul Barnes among a host of warm-spirited creatives at dinner. Such a breath of fresh air to sit at a table of pure intentions and hearty laughs.facebook_1556168499515.jpg
  2. I finally made it to another Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma Southeast District Convention (SED). What a blast! Seeing sisterhood and brotherhood from all walks of life was so refreshing. When was my last SED? 2004. Long story, but click here to get the gist. #MLITB
  3. My high school class reunion was an absolute joy! I can honestly say that there is no one in my graduating class that I don’t like. For it to be over 100 of us, we got along well then and still do. It may not be the norm, but I’m so glad it’s mine.
  4. My performing arts troupe Workmanship Incorporated performed again at the Alys Stephens Center as a guest of the University of Alabama at Birmingham Gospel Choir. There’s nothing like being at your alma mater with your crew! #GOBLAZERS20190414_212733.jpg
  5. Upon This Rock: The Passion Play was epic again this year as they celebrated 35 years of theatrical excellence in portraying the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. What made it better was that I shared it with my mom, Workmanship Incorporated, and members from my Zion Church small group! Click here for last year’s gratefulness.

The Lessons

  1. There’s something about being among like-minded individuals. When those moments happen, soak them up and contribute well. Those are the memories you can sip on again and again. They never lose their flavor.
  2. Be open, but don’t be stupid. Allow new blood to flow into relationships and provide opportunities to create new connections. Just be mindful that you’re not required to keep all of them on life support. Enjoy the ones that want to breathe with you.
  3. When you do right by people, it creates a good ground for love to grow. Genuinely care about people and they will feel it. They will see it in your eyes and catch its fragrance as you embrace.
  4. Trust is everything. One leak and the whole relationship can sink, but when the trust is solid, no amount of water can overtake it. I am so grateful for a Troupe that trusts each other.
  5. Excellence has no age. Whatever the arena, your skill and God’s anointing are a formidable force. Let God groom your natural talents or desires into beautiful works of art and over time, they will be priceless.

Peace & Thanks for listening, Sweetheart! You’re all caught up and I hope this helps!