Hi, Sweethearts!

Twas the day after my birthday and I was reminiscing on the month so far. I have beautiful moments that I will remember forever!

If you’ve been with me since last year (or know me personally), you know that I celebrate my birthday each week in August and once a month until December. For over 10 years, it has worked wonders for my health and wellness. Now, this doesn’t mean I refrain from having spontaneous joyful experiences throughout the year. I just set aside this specific ritual to commemorate me.

Sound selfish? Quite the contrary! Maintaining this personal law has increased my appreciation for life and increased my mindfulness. There have been numerous times where I wouldn’t have had it to celebrate, so I am simply grateful to be here. Just call me the president of my campus of Celebrate U! If you’re outgoing, this may come easy. Throw a party and you’re done, right? Well, that wasn’t my default, so I had to find something that worked for me and I couldn’t be happier that I did.

woman holding a smiley balloon
Photo by i love simple beyond on Pexels.com

When we appreciate the life God gave us, we also celebrate His Work in us. We are Masterpieces and should remember that on more than one day out of the year. Have you ever thought about how much you have lived through so far? Just take a breath and marinate on that thought. You’re a champion. A warrior. More than a conqueror. That is worth the honor.

Whether I’m embarking on a solo journey or having dinner with friends, I intentionally celebrate my purpose on Earth. I don’t have to be extreme and extroverted to feel full (no shade to my extroverted peeps). God made me just as I am and I am allowed to live a full life according to His customized definition of the term. So do you.

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I pray that you find your groove and create a personal law of your own. It’s a decision that will change your life. Everyone is not able to take a trip to Hawaii or buy a new car to celebrate their lives. Yours may be a hike or buying a new candle for your “Whew! I finally cleaned that” room. Get inspired and be committed. Small steps make big leaps, so don’t be intimidated by an Instagram filtered picture from a stranger. Figure out what refuels you, schedule a date on your calendar, and do it.

Peace & Thanks for listening! I can’t wait to hear about one of the things you plan to do or did!

If you’re just joining my blog community, check out my 2018 adventure to catch up. I’ll share this year’s list next week, so see you soon!