Hello Sweethearts!

A short stop for your week

In case you’re just joining my blog family, short stops are posts that are 500 words or less. My hope is that it will boost your week, so here goes.

It’s hot and humid in sweet home Alabama and I’ve noticed some complaining. When we hit almost triple-digit temperatures, people were hoping it would rain. Now that we’ve had some scattered showers, I heard chatter about how the rain needs to stop so we can have a “pretty” day.

Let’s take these sentiments into a broader arena.

You can’t have anything both ways and faith isn’t quite a one-way street either. Life comes with mountains, valleys, and plateaus. And guess what? You need each one of them to be your best self. It makes sense to bask in the sunshine until your skin is scorched. It sounds great to dance in the rain until your house floods.

Since you can’t control the temperature, the precipitation, or the ups and downs of life, it’s imperative that you manage you. Don’t get caught in the pendulum swing of complaining whichever weather comes your way. Remember that your faith walk works in both directions. When it’s sunny, look up and smile. When it’s rainy, let it refresh your spirit.

Be careful of getting caught up in the complaining whirlpool of others as well. It may seem like “small talk,” but it’s exactly that… small. When someone recently said to me “Don’t you just hate that?” I responded with “It doesn’t bother me, actually, but I can see how it could be annoying to someone else.” I stopped the pendulum. I’ve learned to be careful with conversations so I don’t absorb the extremes. It keeps my mind at peace and keeps my own momentum going.

This week, note the extremes of others and anchor yourself in God’s Word. Enjoy the weather whichever way the wind blows. Appreciate what each experience brings because all of it will make you grow. One of my favorite passages is Psalm 1. I learned it in high school and it stuck with me for life. Chew on it a bit and have an awesome week, Sweetheart.

Peace & Thanks for listening! Stay well out there!