Remember that wooden heart?

Well, that’s still yours… but this time, let’s go deeper. Within its fibers.

Each grain shares a story of the tree’s life. It unfolds to us the magnitude of pain and growth it has experienced upon its time of death. A scroll of agricultural history is that tree and so are we.

If we are made from the dirt of the ground and formed into the human intellects that create computers, trains, and automobiles, then we are a form of seed as well… Recording experiences and downloading data to make our way through this world. While this sounds fascinating, it can be just as damaging when we have recordings that we should have let go.

Perhaps what you treasure is not valuable. Pain. Victimization. Power. Possessions. Drug-altered consciousness. Whatever it is, you hold it dear and God forbid anyone tries to take it away from you. If this happens, you won’t feel free at first; you’ll feel naked. It has clothed you for so many years that it feels like skin. Warm, soft, and cozy. It’s part of you, embedded in your fibers and deeply recorded for all the world to see and hear through your actions. You lash out like a fiercely protective animal… coddling your treasure and its surrounding space. Come too close and you’ll attack the Hand that tries to liberate you.

Your money facilitates its order in your life and you constantly feed its mouth. It is treasured and you’re addicted to keeping it alive.

My heart can’t take that type of symbiotic torture. I don’t know about you, but I’m willing to become that tree that looks like a heart. The rings of my experiences are still there, but I don’t have to treasure my pain. It is not my badge of honor. My victory is.

What is in your heart that needs to be evacuated?
What are you protecting that shouldn’t be treasured?

Do some digging through your fibers and see what you find.

Peace & Thanks for listening!