A short stop for your week

It was Thursday, November 9th and I was anxious and ready to attend rehearsal with my crew. We were preparing for the UAB Gospel Choir Fall Reunion Concert (which was last night by the way… more about that awesomeness on Day #13) and I was craving to be around my Troupe so I could creatively breathe. I wrapped up my psychology class and hurried to leave campus. I was happy to go. Not that I was ready to leave my teaching love, but I was simply grateful to have a place to go and continue being myself. I remembered a time when I hated going to work everyday and the only place I could breathe was in a dance studio, choir rehearsal, or in a library. It felt good to GO. Not run away from, but move toward something else of value. I appreciated the moment and smiled as I left the parking lot.

I pray that you have that joy too… the joy of knowing that you can go toward your breathing place without running from something you hate. Without running from something you fear. Without running from someone you need to confront. I pray that you GO and smile along with way.

Photo courtesy of USA Track & Field, Sanya Richards-Ross (pictured)