Pheromones are real. Just ask your dog.

You have a scent that is unique to you and only your biochemistry emits the scent of your DNA.

What if we could smell the essence of people? Humor me for a minute as we travel down the rabbit hole. lol

Remember that post about power? Well, I thought about it further and expanded the notion a bit. Past the clothing, make-up, and socioeconomic status, there is a scent that emits the essence of our heart.  What is your scent? How do people feel when people are near you or hear you speak?

The truth is, we are never 100% at the best version of ourselves at all times, but are we who we need to be at the right time? It’s okay to be angry, but are you bitter? It’s normal to be sad, but are you depressed? 

My prayer for you and me is that we emit the scent of our soul, which was made by our Heavenly Father. I pray that we exude the very essence of our being instead of the cover up scents that life has taught us to use. I pray that we have the scent of God. The scent of peace. The fragrance of Heaven wherever we go.

Peace & Thanks for listening!

Thank you, Pexels, for this beautiful picture.