So, it’s November 30th and this #bloglikecrazy challenge is coming to an end. This is the second year that I’ve taken part in this writing challenge from See Jane Write and, once again, I’m glad I did it. I squeezes something out of me that I didn’t know what was there. It makes me share more of myself when I want to keep everything hidden in my journals. It makes me brave. It makes me stronger as I become more vulnerable.

When I soaked in the feels after my military letter-writing event, I didn’t post for days, but I kept writing. That’s why you received 2-3 posts a day at times. I was determined to complete the challenge so you wouldn’t miss out. But now that I’m at the end of the road, I have the desire to keep going. Maybe not everyday, but more than once a week wouldn’t hurt me. And based upon the statistics and feedback, it wouldn’t hurt you either, Sweetheart.

I am fascinated seeing the different countries light up on my visitor report and receiving a text from a friend that said they appreciated what I wrote. Doing this challenge reminds me that a writer doesn’t really write for herself, she writes for others – even if it’s a free flow from the heart.

So, thank you, Javacia, for this challenge. It creates more space for introverts like me to grow. I appreciate you.

Sweethearts, what are you willing to squeeze out of you? It won’t feel easy like Sunday morning, but it will make you walk tall like a redwood and smile like the sun.

Peace, and as always, thanks for listening!