Happy Sunday, Family!

The sunshine and wind were working incredibly hard to make me jealous today, but I’m finally off work and able to enjoy some natural goodness. It feels good to look up at the clouds on a soft blue canvas as I write the final installment of this blog series. It’s a short stop (500 words or less), so let’s get into it!

UTR Lesson #4 – I’m always worth the pause.

Before the car wheels rolled to Indianapolis, I had a master plan.

No matter what happened that weekend, I was going to enjoy the hotel’s laundry access and indoor pool.

I packed my swimsuit with anticipation of relaxing after the final show – period. That previous week, I drove to Knoxville and walked a good bit, so my body was screaming for a breather. I also wanted to stretch and exercise in the water to make my joints and muscles happy.

Monday morning came and I had already asked for a late checkout, so a smile swept across my face. The relaxation moment was ripe and I intended to enjoy some quiet bliss before the trek back to Alabama.

I stirred about in preparation and received a phone call from a close friend. We had a rich conversation as I placed my dirty clothes into the machine. Checkout was at 1:00 and it felt so good not to hurry. I was eating it up.

That warm pool was waiting on me.

The Plan: Enjoy the solitude while the laundry did its thing.

No laundry when I get home? Yes, puh-lease.

Just as my aunt and sisterfriend were leaving the pool, I arrived ready to marinate in the quiet. I don’t know how to swim (yet), so I bobbed a little to acclimate. I admired my hands and thighs. The richness of my brown skin against that cream basin was beautiful. I dipped further and let the water hold me up to my ears, inhaling and exhaling when it touched my hair. I felt sweet and safe. I prayed. My people meter went down to a normal level again.

That’s the thing about self-care – it keeps you healthy. That alone makes it non-negotiable.

I know my boundaries and what it takes to maintain them. That day, it was pausing for pool time and admiring God’s fingerprints on me. Being grateful for how far we had come together. Acknowledging there was more work to do and I was equipped to do it when I returned. It was being gentle with myself a couple of hours before checkout.

It was remembering that I can insert self-care on the road. I’m always worth the pause.

Please remember to do the same. Regardless of your schedule, put yourself on it. You may be surprised who you’ll find in the pause.

Speaking of pauses, that’s it for this month! Time to switch to podcast mode, so listen to Season 4 in May!

I love y’all. Take care of you.

Peace & Thanks for listening!