Hi, Family!

No Wednesday Wind Down tonight except that I pray you sleep easily.

I have enjoyed deep sleep the last few nights due to increased self-care to my legs. The compression massage machine has been so helpful after a February full of creative, writing, and wellness work. When I wake up, I’m undoubtedly excited to snatch more Zzzz’s at the end of the day. I pray you receive sweet sleep to be ready for God’s beauty tomorrow.

Lastly, Season 3 of Listening at the Speed of Life Podcast cast launches next Wednesday, March 8th at 12 noon CT. My new schedule of alternating blogging and podcasting each month will foster consistency for you and prevent burnout for me. Thanks for sticking with me on the journey and tuning in for motivation and inspiration in 10 minutes or less. No frills. Real talk. All Love.

Peace & Blessings to your week! I love y’all!