Hi, Family!

How’s your April been so far? Mine has been eventful to say the least, but let’s narrow it down to one theme – resurrection.

I know Easter is over, but the impact of its presence is yet here. One of these experiences was volunteering with the exceptional Upon This Rock Productions (referenced as UTR) based in Indianapolis, IN. So many lessons floated to the surface of my spirit while I was there this month.

I won’t attempt to put every lesson into one post. This space is too small to attempt such a feat. Instead, I plan to share a few parts over the next few days. I hope it helps.

UTR Lesson #1 – Let God grow you.

The beauty of God’s creation is that it is designed to regenerate itself. To perpetuate the “Let there be…”

So, when I stood on stage during the final curtain call, I felt like a humbled witness — a butterfly on the wall of time. Music paused to give way to the silence of grateful souls basking in the moment. It was beautiful to marinate in the fruit of obedience. A written idea turned into a shared mission which turned into 40-year production with thousands of cast and crew. The yes opened the door to a thousand ships that carried others toward their purpose.

Spoken Word.


Prop Construction.





Costume Design.

Special Effects

Hair & Make-Up





Stage Management.


Sign Language.

Light and Sound Technology.

And more.

Purpose. Rich, bountiful purpose that flowed from a pen into the hearts of generations. I’m so blessed to be part of something so true and tangible. Something that would feed my spirit for the rest of my life. I know the road was filled with juniper and jagged edges, but the final curtain call was worth the wait – worth the investment of tears and treasure. So, when I saw these moments, I scrambled for my phone to capture a raindrop of the majesty I felt.

Who knows what amazing things await them on the other side of this final bow. What bond they will forge or what creation will bear their names one day. The whole weekend, all I saw were seeds. I felt like I was walking through a spiritual meadow of lush green grass and a kaleidoscope of flowers. My smile kept escaping from my heart and across my lips. My gaze filled with wonder. Occasionally, a “wow” would exhale into the air.

As the directors shared their thank you’s, I stood there in awe of the power of a seed. The power of one yes. The power God gave us to regenerate ourselves through His gifts, especially His gift of Love. When God said “Let there be…,” we were intentionally included. How amazing is that?

Everything around me was proof that life lives in every seed… and that one life has seeds that can usher generations.

It’s worth the yes. When we agree with God’s timing, we fall in tandem with the maturation of those seedlings. We become eternal partners with Him. 

I’m grateful for UTR and the yes that started it all. My feet stand on the proof that God keeps His promises and will walk with you on the journey to dreams beyond your imagination.

Consider purchasing a digital copy of the shows (each is dramatically different). UTR is good ground. This production just fulfilled its season, but there are more seeds coming.

Here’s to our dead places being renewed according to the Father’s timing.
Here’s to our dreams being resuscitated and our next steps flourishing.
Here’s to our hearts breathing in new possibilities of love and life.

May God water our yes so it may bloom forever.

I believe in us and the power of our seeds.

Thank you to my beautiful big sister Monéca S. Reid for connecting me to this tree so I can grow too.

Peace & Thanks for listening. I love y’all! See you tomorrow! 🙂